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A Parking lot with faded lines can be confusing and often a safety hazard. Keeping your  lines, stenciling and curbing freshly painted makes a good first impression and keeps everyone inline!


Our Goals

 Another Peters Painting offers Striping Services for new and existing parking lots, private roads, and playgrounds. We offer design, layout, lines, crosshatch, curbing, arrows, letter stenciling, and cross walks in a variety of materials and colors. We work closely with many local Asphalt, Seal Coat, and Parking Lot Cleaning Companies to help meet all your parking lot maintenance needs.


  • Businesses​

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Schools

  • Curbing

  • Handy Cap Spaces

  • Arrow Stencils

  • Cross Hatching

  • No Parking

  • Sports Fields

  • New Asphalt

  • New Sealcoat

  • Existiong Lots

Would you Like a FREE estimate!


 Another Peters Painting has been providing professional, high quality painting and parking lot striping services in and around the Bozeman area for over 25 years. We strive to maintain and exceed our reputation for prompt professional customer services and superior workmanship no matter the size or scope of your painting project


  Striping paint comes in 4 main colors: Yellow, Blue, White, and Red. It is available in latex and oil based formulas. Let us help you with layout,  stencils, and colors that work best for you parking or no parking needs!!

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