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Need something painted or stained off site? We now offer pre-finish services for painting, staining, and clear coating in our Four Corners shop space.


Our Goals

 Another Peters Painting offers pre-finish services to accommodate a wide range of coatings that are better coated off site in a controlled environment. We can facilitate a wide range of finishes for both small and large projects.


  • Doors

  • Wood Trim

  • Exterior trim

  • Cabinets

  • Metal

  • Mantles

  • Furniture

Would you Like a FREE estimate?


 Another Peters Painting has been providing professional, high quality painting and parking lot striping services in and around the Bozeman area for over 25 years. We strive to maintain and exceed our reputation for prompt professional customer services and superior workmanship no matter the size or scope of your painting project


  Interior and exterior paints, stains, and clear coats come in a large range of qualities and prices. Let us help you select the  products that work best for your budget and look. We can also help select the correct sheens, colors, and quality 

to make your project look and function the way you want it to!

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